Sprouting/germinating seeds, grains and nuts begins a unique process of nature that releases the nutrition contained within them and increases protein, vitamins, nutrients and makes the nuts and seeds significantly more digestible.

Sprouting is easily accomplished by soaking (immersing) your Sprout~Ables in water for 8-24 hours.

All of our Sprout~Ables are mixed with 100% USDA certified organic nuts, seeds and grains.

Click here for the benefits of sprouting

Note: It is completely normal when soaking your Sprout~Ables blends in water to find air bubbles and the color of the water turning brownish. This is an intrinsic part of the sprouting/germination process. Once fully soaked/sprouted/germinated simply drain the soak water and rinse the blend with clean pure water. We recommend soaking a minimum of 8 hours and an optimum of 24 hours. Do not drink or use the soak water for anything. You need to discard it because it contains the indigestible enzymes of the nuts and seeds. Rinse LifeGrains Sprout~ables with clean pure water and eat heartily. Enjoy! Eat the mix within 48 hours.

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